Engine Services

Providing Support for Legacy and Current Generation Models

Our Capabilities

In addition to supporting the world’s airlines, Pem-Air Turbine Engine Services has become a preferred engine services provider to the leasing community. Our rapid response, flexibility and unique ability to support legacy and current generation engine models allows us to offer simple, single engine support up to fleet management. In addition to maintenance services, we offer buy/sell, engine trading, and part-out services.  

Pem-Air can also support pbh/cph programs on any of the engine models we service.


Engine Repair & Overhaul

Pem-Air Turbine Engine Services is your go-to partner for legacy and next-gen engine repairs supporting all levels of work scopes. We offer full maintenance, repair, overhaul, performance restoration on the following engine types:

Engine Models by Engine Type

Field Services

Pem-Air Turbine Engine Services is a recognized leader in engine field support, including both FAA and EASA 145 repair station certifications for a wide variety of turbine engines, including GE/CFMI/RR/P&W/IAE engine lines.

Lessor Partnerships

Whether you require a full overhaul, module swap or field service, the Pem-Air rapid response team is available 24/7 to assist with lease transitions quickly and cost effectively. 

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